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    Welcome to my website

    This site aims to showcase the life and works of Andrew Murray (1828-1917), the famous South African preacher and author of over 200 devotional works. It will also feature my books on his life and spiritual walk.

    My Protea Book of Andrew Murray Quotes

    is now live on Amazon Kindle

    My Protea Book of Andrew Murray Quotes

    Insightful quotations with a blaze of background color from Protea photographs

    This book contains 131 short quotations from twenty-one of Andrew Murray’s most popular books. To add to their appeal, they have been inserted over a background of Protea flowers and related species that grow prolifically in the South African veld.


    The quotations have been compiled according to the following fifteen topics that one can dip into at any time: Abiding, Covenants, Faith, Healing, Humility, Love, Obedience, Prayer, Pride, Holy Spirit, The Vine, Waiting, The Word, Working, and Worship.


    You will find that the beauty of the Proteas will add to the relish of reading and pondering these insightful quotations.

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    My novel: 

    Andrew Murray From Spark to Flame 

    is now available on

    Amazon:  https://amzn.to/2QAMIOI

    Christian Book Discounters, Cape Town:   https://bit.ly/2SeoDOb

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    What if I told you that Andrew Murray was fifty-four before God stopped him in his tracks?

    In 1860, thirty-two-year-old Andrew Murray unexpectedly becomes the key leader in a revival that spreads throughout the Cape and beyond. But barely two years later, he discovers that he has lost the blessings gained during the revival, and has started to strive in his own strength again. Although he consecrates his life anew, the experience of the filling with the Holy Spirit, he so longs to receive, fails to eventuate.


    He nevertheless hangs on in faith through bitter court battles with liberals, missionary endeavors, and educational projects, ever wondering when God will seal his consecration with the desired experience—that is, until God stops him in his tracks, thus forcing him to confront the barriers that are blocking the blessing.

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    Andrew Murray at Keswick and Exeter Hall

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    Andrew Murray at Keswick and Exeter Hall


    Talks that will enable you to ‘hear’ Andrew Murray preach


    Andrew Murray at Keswick

    Three of these talks were delivered on consecutive evenings at the Keswick Convention of 1895 in the Lake District, England.


    Andrew Murray at Exeter Hall

    The talks he gave at Exeter Hall in 1895 were originally published under the title Eagle Wings. They are among the best of his talks.


    Two Testimonies

    Both testimonies were given at Keswick, and are the only ones that he gave that we know of. One was given in 1882, just after the miraculous healing of his throat, while the other was given at the Keswick Convention of 1895.

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    Below is my trilogy on Andrew Murray's

    Bloemfontein years

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    A needed rebuttal against the scurrilous claim that Andrew Murray  was a Freemason

    In this rebuttal, I argue:

    • That Andrew Murray was a spirit-filled evangelical who was thoroughly versed in Reformed theology and the Heidelberg Catechism.
    • That in the 1870s he had fought several High Court battles to oust modernist Dutch Reformed  pastors from the Dutch Reformed Church.
    • That the Dutch Reformed Church both in the Transvaal and at the Cape adamantly denounced Freemasonry as non-Christian.
    • That there were reasons why Afrikaners of the Dutch Reformed Church tended to put up obelisk memorials and gravestones.
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    Title Text

    Learn how this amazing revival not only launched women’s education and mission stations throughout Africa, but also empowered Andrew Murray to achieve a notable victory over liberalism.


    As the story unfolds you will learn:

    • About the crisis in the Dutch Reformed Church prior to revival when semi-literate stock farmers believed that God had called them to subdue the African tribes, not evangelize them.
    • How virtually overnight the revival demolished this erroneous outlook so that awakened Christians became people of prayer and mission enthusiasts.
    • How Andrew Murray established the Huguenot Teachers Seminary for women and the Missions Institute for men.
    •  How he defended the Synod against the onslaught of liberalism through legal battles in the Cape Supreme Court and Privy Council in London.
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