• Photographs depicting people and scenes from my novels on Andrew Murray

    Andrew Murray Destined to Serve




    The photographs below depict the main events and people associated with

    Andrew Murray Destined to Serve.

    Andrew Murray's home: Clairvaux
    Andrew and John Murray in 1848
    Three Anchor Bay and Green Point in 2016
    Abraham Faure, Willie Murray and Georg Willem Stegmann
    Groote Kerk pulpit, St Stephen's in Cape Town
    Outspan area in Graaff-Reinet around 1850
    Parsonage St in Graaff-Reinet
    The parsonage in Graaff-Reinet
    Maria Murray; Andrew Murray Sr.
    Dr. William Robertson; Dr. Philip Faure; Andrew Murray's mother
    Cape Cart; Horse wagon; Wild dogs
    Pioneer cottage in Karoo
    Book Cover of Andrew Murray Destined to Win




    The photographs below depict the people and events associated with Andrew Murray Destined to Win.

    Andrew Murray at 28 with his father, sister Maria and wife: Emma Rutherfoord
    John and Charles Murray with their mother
    Platberg where the British set up their military camp
    Painting of the Battle of Viervoet
    Governor Cathcart crossing the Orange River (Thomas Baines)
    Berea Hills (photograph by Pam M)
    Thaba Bosiu cultural village
    Anndrew Murray's colleagues: Abraham Faure, Andreas Louw, Jan Neethling, Dirk van Velden
    Old School Room at Bloemfontein with Raadsaal (House of Assembly) on the left
    Inside the old school room in Bloemfontein where Andrew Murray used to hold church services
    First Dutch Reformed Church in Bloemfontein
    Boer leaders: Andries Pretorius, Hendrik Potgieter, Marthinus Pretorius, Paul Kruger
    British officials: Sir Harry Smith, Sir George Cathcart, Sir George Grey, Duke of Newcastle
    Exeter Hall London
    Surrey Chapel London where Andrew Murray preached on Revelation
    Inside Surrey Chapel where Andrew met Emma Rutherfoord
    Religious figures: Prof J.T. Beck, Eugene Casallis, Hendrik Faure, Dirk van der Hoff
    Herschel Cape Town, home of the Rutherfoord family from 1855-1860
    Herschel School 2015
    Frist two presidents of the Orange Free State: Josias Hoffman and Jacobus Boshoff
    Grey College Bloemfontein in the 1800s
    Andrew Murray House, Grey College, 2015

    The photographs below depict the people and events associated with

    Andrew Murray: Destined to Wait

    Nevertheless, some of the photographs above are also relevant.

    Synod of Dordrecht
    Dirk Postma, Koos Venter, Hendrik Hamelberg, Marthinus Pretorius
    Samuel and Elizabeth Rolland
    Stellenbosch Theological Seminary

    The photographs below depict some of the scenes and people mentioned in this stand-alone novel on Andrew Murray's ministry between 1860 and 1882

    The Dutch Reformed Church at Worcester where Andrew Murray served between 1860 and 1864. A wonderful revival broke out here in 1860.

    The is the Dutch Reformed Church in Montagu where the the Cape Revival actually started in May 1860, a few weeks before the revival in Worcester.

    On the far left is a painting of Catharina van Blerk in old age. The Worcester revival started at the farm Aan de Doorns while she was teaching a Scripture class to the farm workers there.

    Alexander McKidd was the first DRC missionary to be sent beyond the borders of the Cape in 1862. When he and his wife died of Malaria, Stephanus Hofmeyr took over from him.

    Revival also broke out on the farms near Paarl in 1860, and in Paarl itself in 1861. Gottlieb van der Lingen was the Dutch Reformed pastor there at the time.

    Andrew Murray looked like this around 1860.

    This is one of the few photographs of Emma, Andrew Murray's wife when young(ish). She's in her thirties here.

    Andrew and Emma with their children, taken while he was a minister at the Groote Kerk in Cape Town, and Moderator of the Synod.

    Ds J.J. Kotze, the liberal who gave Andrew Murray such a hard time in the Synod by challenging Question 60 of the Heidelberg Catechism.

    Wellington Dutch Reformed Church where Andrew Murray was inducted on 21 September 1871. He retired in 1906 after 58 years in the ministry.

    Andrew and Emma Murray in later years.

    Huguenot Teachers College in Wellington.

    Missions Institute in Wellington

    PATMOS at Kalk Bay, where Andrew Murray received the vision to start the Huguenot Teachers College for young women after reading the life story of Mary Lyon.

    Andrew Murray sitting on the rocks opposite PATMOS cottage.

    Andrew Murray just before his death.

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