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· Andrew Murray,Secret of Adoration,Christian meditation

#8: Alone with God

From The Secret of Adoration 

by Andrew Murray

Seeking grace to reach its depths

ALONE with God—this is a word of the deepest importance. May we seek grace from God to reach its depths. Then we shall learn that there is another word of equally deep significance: WHOLLY for God.


As we persevere in being ALONE with God, we begin to realize that it isn’t easy. This is because the other is lacking. We are not WHOLLY for God. And without this surrender, God cannot make His power known.


We read in the Old Testament that His servants Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and David gave themselves wholly and unreservedly to God so that He could work out His plans through them.

It is only the fully surrendered heart that can fully trust God for all He has promised.

Wholly for God: should be the keynote of our devotions

Nature teaches us that if anyone desires to do a great work, he must give himself wholly to it. This law is especially true of the love of a mother for her child. She gives herself wholly to the little one whom she loves. And shall we not think it reasonable that the great God of Love should have us wholly for Himself.

As wholly as God gives Himself to us, so wholly He deserves that we give ourselves to Him.

And shall we not take the watchword ‘Wholly for God” as the keynote for our devotions every morning as we rise?

Alone with God in the inner chamber​

While alone with God in the inner chamber, let us meditate on these things. Let us with earnest desire ask Him by His mighty power to work in us all that is pleasing in His sight.


Wholly for God! What a privilege. And what a wonderful grace He bestows to fit us for it.


Wholly for God! What a necessary separation from men and work that is required that we might not be drawn away.


Wholly for God! What ineffable blessedness as the soul learns what it means, and what God gives with it.

Verses from Scripture to meditate upon 

They sought God eagerly and He was found by them (2 Chronicles 15:15).


Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has nothing I desire besides You (Psalm 73: 25).


I seek You with all my heart (Psalm 119:10).


Murray, Andrew, The Secret of Adoration. London: Marshall Morgan & Scott 1914.

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