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    Andrew Murray: Destined to Wait

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    Hankering to go, but needing to stay

    A true story about facing the challenges of Christian leadership in a volatile environment of political intrigue and church secession


    Andrew Murray Destined to Wait


    Other novels in the Destined Series

    Andrew Murray Destined to Serve

    Book ONE: Andrew Murray Destined to Serve

    A boyish and fun-loving Andrew Murray arrives back in South Africa after being ordained at The Hague on his twentieth birthday in 1848.


    But not long after his appointment as pastor to the Dutch emigrants beyond the borders of the Cape, he feels overwhelmed by the task, and starts to doubt his calling. It does not take him long to realize that he has to either man-up or bow out.




    Andrew Murray Destined to Win

    Book TWO: Andrew Murray Destined to Win

    Twenty-two-year-old Andrew Murray has just completed his first year of ministry to over 20 000 Boers beyond the borders of the Cape.


    After a heartbreaking betrayal, he realizes that he needs a wife—someone who is able to partner him in the ministry. But where to find such a girl? And when found, will his bloated ego and self-focus get in the way of winning her hand?


    South Africa's Forgotten Revival

    South Africa's Forgotten Revival

    Although the Great Awakening at the Cape in 1860/61 was as powerful as its precursors in America, Ireland and Wales, its story has, for the most part, been forgotten.


    Olea Nel has succeeded in filling a much needed gap in the literature by describing the events through the lives of Andrew Murray, Nicolaas Hofmeyr and Gottlieb van der Lingen.


    As the story unfolds, you will learn how the Holy Spirit moved like a wave through the Cape Colony, visiting most of its towns. Virtually overnight those who were renewed or converted became people of prayer and mission enthusiasts.

    Little known talks given by Andrew Murray

    Andrew Murray at Keswick

    Talks that enable you to “hear” Andrew Murray preach

    What makes these three talks special is the fact that Andrew Murray never revised them for publication as he had done with sermons he had delivered at other conventions during 1895. They are therefore basically word for word as he delivered them.


    I therefore invite you—in your mind’s eye—to become one of the attendees at the Keswick Convention of 1895, and to imagine Andrew Murray preaching these sermons with light and shade and fiery exuberance.

    Andrew Murray at Keswick

    Talks that will help deepen your walk with the Lord

    The first deals with JESUS' DESIRE FOR US TO BE ONE. And the only way this can happen, says Murray, is for the love of God to be shed abroad in our hearts. We will then have the power to effectively pray for the Saints and the coming of God's Kingdom.


    The second talk focuses on THE SECRET OF EFFECTUAL PRAYER. It stresses the need to submit to the Spirit's teaching and to give ourselves to Him--as the Spirit of Intercessions--to pray in us.


    The third talk, 'WITH EAGLE WINGS' teaches us how to wait upon God. It is as we wait that He will reveal Himself to us and keep our spirits continually renewed.


    Andrew Murray a Exeter Hall
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