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    Booklet cover: What Emma Thought: Snippets from her letters

    What Emma Thought



    This FREE booklet is a ‘spoiler.’ It's a sequel to Andrew Murray Destined to Win, so please read that novel first.


    This booklet of 5000 words contains snippets from Emma Rutherfoord's letters to her sister in India that reveal her side of the story. Andrew Murray's side is told in my novel Andrew Murray: Destined to Win

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    Free booklet on Andrew Murray's life

    If you missed seeing this FREE booklet on the Andrew Murray Page, here it is again. Just click on the yellow button to read it.

    Book cover: An overview of Andrew Murray's life

    Booklets containing blog posts that showcase Andrew Murray's devotional works

    Besides writing on Andrew Murray's life in fictional form, I would also like to introduce readers to his devotional works via my blog posts. I usually focus on one book at a time. If you missed seeing these booklets on my BLOG page, here they are again. 

    Booklet cover: Showcasing The New Life by Andrew Murray: 10 blogs
    Booklet cover: Showcasing With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray

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